Discover the new PRIMUS switch

Gain the competive advantage with the exclusive primus switch

Designed to unleash the power of gaming, Primus brings you the leading mechanical switches in the industry: red and brown. Their excellent reliability and optimal responsiveness will allow you to reach the highest ranks in the competitive gaming arena.


Linear and Silent precisely engineered to give every gamer the competitive advantage, our red switch delivers a smooth linear keystroke, perfect for action games requiring rapid-fire actuation along with consistent key activation. Built to endure an impressive 70 million keystrokes, our mechanical switch pairs a lifetime of quiet and reliable operation with ultra-rapid responsiveness.


Tactile and Balanced our brown switch offers the perfect balance between an audible click and the actuation force needed to register a keypress. It is the ideal choice for those who appreciate accuracy and the tactile feel that it provides when the key actuates. Built to endure an impressive 70 million keystrokes, our tactile-style mechanical switch ensures a long-lasting performance defined by speed, accuracy and comfort.