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Primus App

“By using this application, you can capture that moment in time and decide if you will be fighting as a Taxiar, Starat or as a Polemarc.”

By animating the label’s photograph, Augmented Reality, known as AR technology, launches unique monologues delivered by the featured characters.  

With the new Primus app, meet Markus, Scyllias and Kreon face-to-face as they narrate their struggles, victories  and  challenges. These three elite warriors, inspired in Ancient Greece,  are based on a three-tier gaming hierarchy.

Each category is identified with a specific warrior, based on the level assigned within the legion.  The AR application brings that moment in history to life – and reveals the story behind each warrior. Start by scanning the QR code on the box, download the AR application and then point the camera of your smartphone or tablet towards the soldier to watch the story unfold.

Gamers are encouraged to join the legion and rise through the ranks, from Soldier to General and finally to Supreme Commander, according to their expertise and ability to overcome the toughest challenges.

Born to fight:  from Soldier to Supreme Commander, the choice is yours.​