Malvinas Gaming, seeking to conquer the National Circuit

The round of 16 began with the soldiers playing against UADE university students, during which the Malvinas Gaming team scored a sweeping victory, finishing 2-0 among the top 3. In the quarterfinals, they played against Vylmus Gaming, a rival the Malvinas Gaming team have faced before, securing an easy 2- 0 win over them. During the semi-finals they are set to play what is considered to be their most challenging match against Los Jovenes Titanes. Even though they ended up on top during the first tournament, los Jovenes Titanes bounced back, ending up in a tie, 1-1.  In the end, the Malvinas gaming team managed to prevail by turning things around and gaining a place in the finals.

During the finals, they played against Still Half Time. Despite the best efforts on the part of SHT team, Malvinas gaming was poised to strike Still with full force in the 2 matches. As the tournament progressed, they rose in the standings, and qualified for the upcoming playoffs.


  • Axel Guzmán Axlbg
  • Nicolas Kasevich kase
  • Joel Matias Basso Joelito
  • Tomás García Tomate
  • Tomas Fabre Shiro
  • Manager: Valentin Muñoz
  • Coach: Franco Lezcano "Deaesy"