Stadia and the future of cloud-based videogames

Stadia is a videogame streaming service that aims to unite players, spectators and developers all in one platform. It seeks to change the way we consume video games, and that was clearly demonstrated when this new tech was launched. 

Imagine you are watching a trailer of a new title on YouTube that interests you. If you are subscribed to Stadia, the Play Now option will be displayed. Click on it to connect directly to a server in the cloud, and start streaming the game in as little as 5 seconds. That's right,  no downloads, no consoles, or video cards required. It delivers instant access to the entire game from your browser on any screen. You just need a tablet, smartphone, laptop or a smart TV connected to the internet to make it happen.

To achieve such objective, Google is implementing new servers with graphics processing units, which are much more powerful than the typical video game consoles. These supercomputers run games in high-definition, delivering the signal to your device as if it were an interactive videogame.

During the event, I was able to try it myself and I can assure everyone that titles like Doom and Assassin's Creed Odyssey are totally playable with this system. Some features are yet to be addressed,  such as video compression and the slight delay between the moment a button is pressed and when the reaction on the screen becomes visible. All things considered, Stadia is still a system that works, which will open a world of possibilities to players who cannot afford to invest hundreds of dollars in consoles or PC hardware.