The Primus warriors

Primus is based on a three-tier gaming hierarchy commanded by elite warriors. Gamers are encouraged to join the legion and rise through the ranks, from Soldier to General and finally to Supreme Commander, according to their expertise and ability to overcome the toughest challenges.

Born to fight:
from Soldier to Supreme Commander, the choice is yours


TAXIAR (Amateur gamer, Entry level)


This rank was assigned in ancient Greece to the third highest-ranking officer equivalent to a Brigadier. Deriving from Taxiarch, meaning “an ordered formation or regiment”, these officials were responsible for effectively conducting all infantry operations

STARAT (Mid-core gamer, Mid level)

This rank was assigned in ancient Greece to the second highest-ranking official equivalent to a General. Deriving from Strategos meaning “army leader”, these officials were in charge of strategizing, maintaining and commanding the military operations on the war field as well as off the field.

POLEMARC (PRO gamer, High-end level)

This is the highest ranking official in ancient Greece equivalent to the Supreme Commander of the entire army. This title derives from polemos, meaning “war” and archon meaning “ruler”. As the most senior member of the Council of War, he was bestowed with the power of casting the deciding vote and therefore had the destiny of the empire in his hands.