Conventional keyboards Vs mechanical keyboard

A conventional keyboard is built using a rubber dome and membrane to allow the depression and recording of each key. This setup, which is widely used nowadays, is easy and inexpensive to produce. A mechanical keyboard, on the other hand, uses a physical, actual switch with metal contacts to register every time a key is pressed.


 Why mechanical keyboards are better for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are highly resistant to repetitive keystrokes with the ability to withstand an average of 50 million key presses, as opposed to only 10 million for conventional keyboards. Collapsed rubber domes and sticky keys contribute to the fast deterioration of  conventional keyboards.   
Operation style:
The most important aspect when choosing a keyboard is the feel and key resistance. Conventional keys are not match when compared to the response time, actuation point and keystroke accuracy of  the mechanical switch. Additionally, mechanical keyboards are customizable, and are offered in different versions with  their own distinctive feel, action and sound profile.
Full  rollover:
Mechanical switches take your gaming experience to the next level by registering every command correctly even when several keys are pressed at the same time. This effect is known as anti-ghosting technology, a feature that conventional switches do not have.